About Us

With a rich legacy spanning four decades, Property Investments Ltd proudly stands as a prominent family-owned private company in New Zealand. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellence, we are known to our clients as a trusted residential property developer, investment partner and first mortgage investment provider.

Building upon our remarkable success in the dynamic Auckland residential market for over 30 years, our expertise lies in crafting innovative housing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of first home buyers and investors throughout Auckland. By providing affordable homes and tailored financing options, we have empowered hundreds of individuals and families to realise their dreams of homeownership or becoming a landlord.

We have also facilitated countless successful first mortgage investments for many kiwis, who have enjoyed regular monthly interest payments direct to their account.  We are proud of our strong track record of securing sound first mortgage opportunities through investing in PIL’s quality, developments, and properties.

Today, we offer comprehensive design and build solutions, along with sale and investment opportunities of prime, strategically located bare land. Our expertise in new property development, coupled with strong partnerships with esteemed developers, builders, and designers, positions us as a trusted choice for discerning New Zealanders seeking a personalised, professional service, at competitive prices, and a comprehensive home solution, from the ground up.